who i am

I’m a laid-back, no-fuss kind of gal. I dig creativity, wit & sarcasm, low-key vibes, and BIG dreams. I daydream more than any human rightfully should. But despite my head always being in the clouds, I like to think that my feet are firmly planted on the ground. I practice immediacy every day because life is too dang short. Living in the now is most important.

Adventuring with my dude makes me the happiest, and so do killer floral arrangements. I’m pretty sure I was a mountain dwelling florist in a past life. When I’m not pouring my heart into my work (which is 99% of the time), you can find me out in nature or on the couch watching Scandal. I’m 50/50 as an explorer and homebody, but always 100% photographer. I genuinely enjoy working hard; which is ironic, because I don’t view my job as “work” — it’s euphoria.

what i do

I’m the one who wants to run wild with you and your love, climb mountains and shout from them. I believe in real moments and the value of being genuine. I want to learn your hearts and photograph them. My work is equal parts of myself, yourself, and authenticity. I want more than the surface and I crave connection. I don’t want to be just another vendor on your list, I want to be your trusted friend. You deserve my all and I always go for gold. I believe in going against the grain and following your heart. I promise that if you give me your trust, I will create meaningful photographs that are uniquely you, perfected by the love and dedication I have for storytelling. Read more of my photographic philosophy below.

things i dig

  • Cats, all of them
  • Globe trotting with my man
  • Burning Man, and I’ll talk your dang ear off about it
  • Meaningful conversation
  • Essential oils
  • Meditation
  • Poetry
  • Astronomy
  • The smell of forests
  • Picnics with way too many snacks
  • Hand written letters
  • Staying at home in the rain
  • Pizzzzza!
  • Flowers of any kind
  • TED radio hour
  • People watching
  • Parks & rec ALL DAY