Here’s a few things you can say to me that will make me your instant best friend:

  • “I have a cat.”
  • “I have cream soda.”
  • “I’ve been to Burning Man (and loved it).”
  • “Do you want some pizza?”
  • “Does anyone say that you look like Kendall Jenner?”
  • “We’re eloping!”

So, naturally, I’m The Rau’s newest bestie.

When Ashley first contacted me for their elopement and “Yosemite” was within the email, it was like she pulled an Alex Turner and dropped the mic. I didn’t need anymore details than that. I was in.

I adore Ashley + Ryan so, so much. I am beyond honored to have been their only witness as they vowed to forever, and I’m clearly stoked for the imagery that we made. These two are incredible and their photos match that.



[…] the mention of an anniversary session with these two had me squealing. Their elopement in Yosemite was as perfect as a dream, so I knew they would be nothing short of amazing this time around. And […]

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