What are your packages and rates?

Package and rate details are available in my price guide, which I send via email. Shoot me a message and I’ll pass along the goods!

Where are you based?

Southern California, but I will go wherever your love is. Travel is incredibly important for me, so I’m always eager to trek on new ground and make memories. Take a look at my upcoming travel dates and list of dream locations! If the cosmos align, I would love to adventure with you!

Who do you enjoy shooting?

Couples who are wildly in love and aren’t afraid to show it! Whether it’s an adventure the woods or nuptials on the coast, it’s sentimental and moment-driven couples who are my kinda people. The dreamers and the romantics.

I’m not one for tradition, so the more unique the celebration — the more my heart races. I love when couples ditch the wedding ethics and move to their own groove. Who really knows why they’re tossing their bouquet anyways? Who really wants a rigid wedding timeline? I believe in bypassing all of the empty traditions and focusing on what really matters: your love. That’s why you’re here, in this moment, because you are madly in love with your person. More than anything, I believe that your connection should have all the focus. I love working with couples who feel this very same way.

Are we a good fit for each other?

Above all, connection is key. I have a specific approach to photography that may not be for everyone and that’s totally okay! It’s so important to find the best suited photographer for you. I encourage you to read my philosophy, which describes how I work best.

But the short answer is: If you love emotive images and want to get your shoes dirty while creating tangible memories, then we would be the perfect match. If you value honest moments and want meaning in your photographs, I’m your gal.

Do you book large (non-intimate) weddings?

After shooting tons and tons of weddings (nearly 200) over the past 6 years, I have found that intimate weddings are my bread and butter. For this reason, I am no longer booking weddings with more than 100 guests. I say that as a general rule of thumb, but I’m not a stickler for numbers. So if you’re having an intimate affair but your guest count is a tad bit over 100, I would love to hear from you!