Personal work is so, so important. As an artist, fueling yourself is most important. Your car ain’t driving if it doesn’t have fuel, and that’s the same for creators. We need to add to the fire or else we’ll just be dull flames. Or worse: completely extinguished.

I am fresh into my re-branding and I’ve been working on some incredible pieces that I’m so excited to share! This being one of them.

This is Ondrea, my gypsy muse fox lady. She understands my urges to go for gold, so when I asked her to join me for a spontaneous shoot, she didn’t hesitate! We chased light and with only minutes to spare (15 at the most, no joke), we got that gold that I wanted so bad.

This passion shoot was just what I needed to kick it into high gear! With the season officially underway, I’m more pumped than ever to craft some amazing images.

Special thanks to my Ondy girl for helping fuel my fire. xo