My approach to photography is simple. I believe in real moments and the value of being genuine. Storytelling is at the forefront of my work, as I creatively capture moments as they unfold. I won’t ask you to reenact anything, because the beauty of your story lies within your honest moments. There’s no need to fake it with overly practiced poses, you are pure gold all on our own.

I’m driven by my intuition to look closely at the subtleties; the ripples in your dress, how you crinkle your nose when you laugh, the way your eyes soften when you look at each other. Those are the details that I pay close attention to — the fleeting, love-drenched, meaningful moments. Because when you look back on your photos, I want you to remember how you felt, rather than some awkward pose. I want to document you in your in the truest form. I stay far away from Pinterest poses and cringe at the thought of mimicking anything. This is how I am able to give my couples unique images that reflect their personalities and connection. This is more than just photographs, this is storytelling.

I’m also very moved by this incredible planet we live on, which is why I have a heavy focus on adventure and nature. This is where I thrive. Chasing the sun isn’t just a saying around here. Working with adventurous couples is my bread and butter, and I can’t get enough of it. Nothing makes me happier than romping in the mountains and documenting a whole lotta love. I love couples who aren’t afraid to get a little (or really) dirty and do what it takes, all for the sake of love and art.

“You are the poem I never knew how to write
and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.”

– Tyler Knott Gregson