– Jenna & Andrew –

“What are some synonyms for amazing? Astounding, stunning, breathtaking, phenomenal and extraordinary… Krista Ashley Photography is all these things wrapped up into one wonderful person. From the start of our wedding planning I knew Krista would be our choice for wedding photography. Not only did she make the meetings easy and stress-free, they were fun! We chatted multiple times over green tea and shared countless laughs. I felt from the beginning Krista and I were on the same page creatively, and I had my complete trust in her from day one. I don’t think there’s enough words (or room in her raves) for all the nice things myself and my family have said about this gal. She gives every piece of herself into her art, you can feel it when you’re around her. She squashed our nerves of being photographed instantly and made our entire experience incredible. If you want someone who’s passionate, who will listen and who will be your friend then Krista’s your girl. Krista photographed our engagement, my boudoir, our elopement and reception. She trekked with us through the mountains of the PNW and created some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. Her love for her art can be seen from the moment you meet her to the last second when your beautiful final package arrives. There is not a piece of her work that is left imperfect or unloved. The admiration and appreciate we have for her is limitless. We look forward to working with her in the future and seeing all the greatness she will achieve. Thank you again and a million times more Krista!”

– Amber & Nolan –

“Krista was nothing short of a delight to have capture our surprise engagement. It is a unique gift to be a photographer that is able to have every captured moment uninfluenced by one’s presence. Krista is by definition, uniquely gifted. She took the time to observe us and how we interacted before she even began our photo shoot. Initially it was a complimentary “couple’s shoot” that I had won from her instagram contest – I had no idea it would be an engagement shoot, yet alone, mine! Following our proposal, she took us to several different settings within the area to give us plenty of variety. I appreciated how she allowed Nolan and me to be comfortable and natural without excess posing of us, yet she maintained a balance of guiding us, nonetheless. In addition, there was no pressure in time, she literally gave us her entire day with Santa Monica traffic to and from and the proposal + engagement photos, which only revealed to us her love for her job and devotion to ensuring our utmost satisfaction. We were well aware that her selfless work was not the norm in this field of business and that we did not deserve such kindness.  When we received the photos, Nolan and I were so eager to look at them! They were stunning! Several aspects stood out to us that were our favorite, though: 1. The tones of color that they are in, they are not done in the typical very bright and light color edit 2. The balance of focus with a hint of sun-glare to accentuate the radiating happiness and beauty of each moment. 3. The variety in how she captured more contextual background in some of our proposal to give more reality and rawness to how unscripted it was. I have possibly too many favorite images to list, but the three I have framed as a focal point to our apartment are: one from the beach under the pier (its too gorgeous for words), the black and white Route 66 from the pier (we cannot get over how perfect it is, from the angle to the subtle focus on the sign combined with the people in the background- its as though the world around us is moving in slow motion and we are in a state of ‘us’.) and the third image is from the park bench where we are ‘almost’ kissing. This image literally makes you want to see the kiss take place, its modest, yet has an aspect of loving desire within it. Which I would say suited our engagement. She captured those moments within an event that helps you remember it with such fondness. I still don’t know how she made us look that good! I’ll leave you all with this: If the Lord ever gifts my husband and I with children in the future, we would rush at the opportunity to ask Krista to photograph our pregnancy album. :)”

– Molly & Kyle –

“Kyle and I have been together nearly 6 years. In that time, we have never had our photo taken professionally let alone with anything other than an iPhone.  I was lucky to gain knowledge of Krista’s mini-sessions during the holiday season of 2014. As a gift to ourselves (a professional photographer myself), I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get us both in front of the camera. One would think that a professional photographer would know how to act in front of the camera, not the case! Kyle, somewhat camera shy as well, and I were newbies to this whole ordeal. Krista put us instantly at ease with reassurance and encouragement. I had no idea what to expect, but she blew us away with the experience and then final product. This recent holiday was the first in the past 5 years that we sent out a joint Holiday card, obviously featuring our new candids. We cannot wait to get some on our walls! Thank you Krista, for taking two awkwardly in love folks and making us look amazing! xo”

– Krystle & Jose –

“Krista shot my now-husband’s and my wedding this October – as well as an incredible engagement session a few months before.  She is an exquisitely artistic photographer who shoots with creativity, efficiency, and attention to detail.  Her style was everything we wanted and her vision for our engagement session turned out romantic, bold photos that were really stunning.  She has a contagious enthusiasm for her work and made us feel at ease immediately during both the engagement session and the wedding.  She really understood what we were looking for and delivered photos that truly captured who we were and what our day was about.  It was so marvelously easy working with Krista because she knew exactly what she was doing and how to get the shots she wanted, and we just had to look pretty!  Speaking from the overwhelmed bride’s perspective – it was wonderful being able to totally trust her with such an important part of the wedding and know how beautiful her work would be.  Our photos couldn’t have turned out better and we really couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.  Thanks Krista!”

– The May Family –

“I was so happy to finally be able to book Krista for our family’s portraits. I really liked her style and her professionalism. She met up with me ahead of time to discuss locations and the looks we were going for and gave me room for my own creative touches in the shoot while still giving her own professional opinions. I loved that she made us feel completely comfortable, especially my husband who doesn’t love to take pictures. She got our prints back to us in a timely manner and I died! I am so overly impressed and happy with the quality of the photos. You may have heard of photographers having “the eye”, and let me tell you, Krista has it! She left no detail overlooked in the foreground and background of the pictures. I have received a ton of compliments from people and am proud to have them displayed in my home. I can’t wait to book my next session with Krista Ashley Photography!”

– Bree & Nick –

“Krista is absolutely amazing to work with. We found out about her photography, and immediately fell in love with the pictures on her site. After telling her about our situation with budgeting and how we are paying for a majority of the wedding ourselves, she really helped us out. She really made us feel comfortable with expressing our love for each other, and that is why we love her so much! Her photos turned out to be better than anything we could’ve asked for, and we will be using her whenever we need photos!”

– Jamie & Chris –

“My husband and I were married on October 26, 2013 and went with Krista for our engagement and wedding photography. Krista is one of very few photographers who not only cares about the artistic integrity of her work, but sincerely cares about the needs of her clients. She was always available for questions by email and phone. Not only was Krista professional but she personally anticipated our needs during the whole process. All brides know that when you get married, there are so many factors that can be surprising on your special day — and Krista was well prepared when the day came. She comes prepared in every circumstance in a way no bride can be. I come from a family history of taking photos from a disposable camera. “You will receive best the photos”, and hiring a photographer is “Nonsense and too expensive.” Since the wedding, my family and friends have ate their words and have yet to stop appraising Krista.”
Comments from my family:
“Krista (They remembered her name) was incredibly sweet and professional from beginning to end.”
“Krista took photos of moments where I did not remember her being present at. She works fast and does not stop working if it means losing a photograph. It was as though she was photographing her own wedding.”
Engagement Photo Shoot:
“As many close loved ones might describe me as “Controlling” it would be to their shock that I left all details up to Krista. I trusted Krista from the moment I saw her work and closely listened to her pour over what she loves about photographing. She visited the park in advance, knew what her shots were going to be, and had a loose direction that allowed for us to be spontaneous as well. When we arrived on the day, we allowed one simple hour in which turned out to be nearly three hours. We all had such a blast and Krista was so passionate about the romantic ambiance of nature surrounding us and made Chris and I feel truly special.”
The Wedding Day:
“We didn’t want the typical wedding photos that you see time after time. We wanted someone to catch our “moments.” Chris and I appreciate the art of photography and were hoping for photos that could be beautiful beyond the genre of “wedding pictures.” Krista did all of that and more. She has an amazing eye to take something ordinary and make it beautiful and more meaningful. The angles she uses, artsy and creative, created tears and laughter when we saw our photos. She was amazing with our families, especially when some of them were emotional and would NOT stay in one place longer than FIVE seconds. She was firm and in control without any noticeable level of pressure (which kept me calm, cool, and collected). Her assistant Jordan was also a joy to have photograph my Fiancés preparation photos. After the special day, she kept us informed about how the process was going and gave us sneak peeks at some of the photos before she had finished. My husband and I blinked our eyes and our wedding was over! These photos are going to be all that was left after the night was over. We’d have to look at them our whole life. The investment was not enough in comparison to the lifetime of memories Krista gave us. My whole family is grateful for these photos. They are by far the most beautiful photos in our family’s entire history . We will cherish them for generations to come. We knew she was so excited to do our wedding. It was clear for Krista… we were two people meant to be forever as one and were getting married for the first time, and she was an artist that was going to express the love we had for each other through her artwork.”


– Jordan –

“My experience working with Krista as her second shooter has been such a joy! She is the sweetest person with a genuine heart and great passion for photography. She cares about making her client’s special day everything they hoped for and captures their memories with effortless skill. When we first met we did a shoot together at Santa Monica Pier, it was all things fun. Despite the weather being quite windy and cold that day, she had a special warmth to her presence that made me feel at ease in front of her camera. I loved seeing my finished portraits and would recommend Krista to anyone looking for a photographer.”