How do I even begin to talk about this day? I’ve dreamed about this day, where I adventure with a rad couple all around Big Sur as they celebrate their elopement. And the fact that it was Sierra + Zach who I was able to live this dream with, well, they couldn’t have been anymore of a perfect fit. I mean that with every ounce of my heart, because I have so much love for these two.

Sierra + Zach made the trek out from Las Vegas to visit Big Sur for the first time and say “I do” in the middle of a forest. Best first trip ever, am I right? The gloomy weather couldn’t hold us down as we explored the wooded trees with rivers, Pfeiffer Beach, and cliffside views. I was so excited about all of this magic that we kept shooting and adventuring until we couldn’t, because there wasn’t any daylight left. Give me an inch, I’ll take you a mile. And I wanted at least 10 more miles with The Morgers. Published on Junebug Weddings, here!