This session is the epitome of why I love my job so much. From the moment Taylor reached out to me, I was counting down the days until we would venture around together. She sent photos of her family’s desert property where we would take their engagement photos. The property is lined with date and grapefruit trees, huge patches of cactus farms, desert grounds, and fully surrounded by gorgeous mountains. But wait, it gets better. This is also where Brent proposed. Yeah, talk about perfect…

No really, lets talk about perfection, because that’s what Taylor + Brent are. Not only are they extremely photogenic, but they make the most infectious duo. We had a blast running around the desert, off-roading carts and cars, and having our minds blown by the surrounding mountains that made us feel like we were on mars.

After the cameras were put away, the fun didn’t stop. Homemade pizza (mad props to Taylor), wine (and more wine), star gazing, and chatting until our eyes couldn’t stay open anymore. THIS is why I do what I do. The friendships, the memories, the adventures, the unstoppable force that is love. And of course, the bad ass photos.